Healing With crystals : 12 aches, pains and their emotional origin to deeply cure


Since time immemorial, lithotherapy or treatment by stones has been effective all over the world. Indeed, each crystal has a particular vibration, same as the vibratory principle of the healing Tibetan bowls, of which I was telling you a few weeks ago. Each stone has a frequency matching one of our chakras. Let’s discover more about crystals healing…

Here are some rules to know about the stones before choosing and using them :

♦ Take a stone that resonates with you, don’t let it be a random choice. Your astral sign might help you however to link lithotherapy and astrology without knowing the characteristics of the planets and their vibrations is a complex science.
♦ Purify the stone before your first use. It has travelled a lot before it reached you, it can be negative energy charged.
♦ Wear it on you to receive its benefits or put it under your pillow or mattress.
♦ Give it an intention. You have to ask consciously for the stone to act in a specific situation in order to make the stone focus on it. Don’t forget, it’s only vibrations, and the intention also has a vibration.


Every pain or disease comes from an emotional shock that we need to identify to treat it completely. Surface treatment would only postpone the problem. Each body part where pain appears has a message to deliver. Here are the aches, their emotional origins and the crystals that can calm it.

Crystal for Headache

Headaches come from our inability to make choices. To cure the pain we will use amethyst, while hematite will help us to take decisions.

Amethyst : it’s the spirituality stone. It is highly recommended in case of bereavement and to break free from all addictions (drugs, alcohol, tobacco…). Amethyst helps to concentrate and it’s particularly efficient for meditation. It also protects places from negative energies that it turns into love. It corresponds to the seventh chakra, the one of the head.

Astrological signs : Pisces, Aries, Sagittarian

Purification : in salty water in the dark, then recharge a bit under the sun.

Hematite : it’s a stone that helps anchorage, self-realization, offering trust and strength. It fits well to shy persons, helping them to express their true needs.

Astrological signs : Aries, Scorpio

Purification : scrub it with marine salt

Pain in the neck.

Inflammation of neck indicates that you have difficulties to say no or to forgive. We will prefer green tourmaline to calm the pain and rhodonite to encourage forgiveness.

Rhodonite : it corresponds to the chakra of the heart. It improves the energetic exchanges between physical and emotional bodies. If you are suffering from stress, and if your heart rate goes fast, put the stone on your chest, it will calm your heart.

Astrological signs : Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Gemini

Purification : with running water, recharge it under the sun

Green tourmaline : it’s also linked with the chakra of heart, it helps with father relationship and generally it’s really useful with reinforcement of family relationship. Known for its stimulating effects, it helps to liberate physical tensions.

Astrological signs : Aries, Capricorn

Purification : in salty water under the sun


Healing shoulders pain with crystals

Shoulder pain indicates that something is pressing uncomfortably on your mind, that you don’t manage your feelings anymore and you go through responsibilities. You will use the malachite to cure the pain origin, but also the pain itself.

Malachite : it corresponds to the chakra of the heart. You have to apply it directly on your shoulders to calm the pain. It increases trust and help to express our truth. Malachite is also used while a transition is happening, when you need to adapt yourself to a new environment.

Astrological signs : Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Scorpio

Purification : in distilled water, do not use salt. Malachite must be cleaned after each use, because of its great absorption power it’s quickly overloaded.

Stomach aches

It could seem logical, stomach is directly linked to our physical and emotional digestive system. We can have stomach ache when there is an emotion or an event that we don’t digest. Ametrine is the best to calm physically, but it will have to be combined with agate to break free from affective charges.

Ametrine : As it’s a mix of citrine and amethyst it has their properties. It’s the fullness symbol. Used on the solar plexus, the third chakra, it will calm gastric pains. It’s also efficient to get better after a long disease time.

Astrological signs : Gemini, Leo, Pisces, Sagittarius

Purification : under running water once in a week, recharged in one hour under the sun.

Agate : generally, agate reinforces the power of the other stones. It has the particularity of aura stabilization, it’s the stone of harmony that balances the yin and yang. Agate encourages divine contemplation and acceptance of everything that is. There are a lot different agates and its colors are endless. Find the one that will help you.

Astrological signs: change according to the agate color.

Purification : after one night in the water, let it recharge while the sun is rising.

Relieve backaches with crystal

Backache shows that you are supportless or that you feel left behind by your relative. Cure you with yellow amber.

Amber : its healing power is so high that you can apply it on every chakra. It brings daily happiness, vitality and comfort. It helps being more spontaneous in relationships. It’s not only efficient on every backaches but also on allergies. It helps in self-healing too.

Astrological signs : Virgo, Gemini, Leo

Purification : with running water, do not put it under the sun


To help you to visualize your chakras and their colors

Arm aches

Elbow pain are linked to changes resistance. Stiff arms mean that you are not flexible toward others but mostly to yourself. Generally speaking, arm pain indicates that you are wearing something as a burden. In this case, labradorite will help you stimulating your blood flow, whereas aventurine will slowly bring you to more compassion feeling.

Labradorite : linked with the solar plexus chakra, it’s the friendship stone. It increases donation to please and allows a softer approach in relationships. Physically, it’s an asset against tiredness and it helps to release tensions.

Astrological signs : Capricorn, Pisces, Gemini

Purification : distilled salty water under full sunshine

Aventurine : it’s a real soft stone that helps us to connect us to our inner being. It brings tranquillity and allows us to experience a bigger compassionate toward our relative and ourself. Aventurine makes us more generous and help us to keep a cool head.

Astrological signs : Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius

Purification : distilled salty water, one night under the moonlight, then one day under the sun

Hip aches

To suffer from the hips is not insignificant. It indicates a difficulty to move in life, a fear of advancing on your path, but also a strong resistance to newness that intrigues but scares. Anatase is recommended to bring willingness, determination and bravery whereas magnetite will make energy circulating again in all our body.

Anatase : this stone is particularly powerful. If you put it the intention to have more determination and bravour, you could be surprised by the quick change. Generally, we use it to reach precise goals.

Astrological sign : Pisces

Purification : distilled water, under the moonlight.

Magnetite : it’s its properties that lead to magnetotherapy. It accelerates the healing process and calm every strong pain. It’s the favorite stone of magnetizers. You have to put it on the base chakra to make circulating the energy of every others.

Astrological signs : Capricorn, Aquarius

Purification : Put it in the ground for 12 hours.

Knee pains

To suffer from knee shows a relationship (me/Us) difficulty, it’s the humility articulation that indicates that you have troubles to accept a situation in your family or friendship relationships. Obsidian will bring the necessary balance and tiger eye will reinforce your bones and joints.

Obsidian : put on the throat chakra, obsidian will liberate emotional blocages and helps to express our needs reinforcing our convictions. It’s a protective stone which will protect you from negative energies. It’s really powerful to link the soul and the mind, that’s why it’s an asset in meditation.

Astrological signs : Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, Cancer

Purification : it’s an undischargeable stone, do not bury it.

Tiger eye : real strengthening for bones and joints, tiger eye is also efficient to calm nerves. The best thing to do is to put some stones everywhere in your house in order to make its power propagating in all the space. It’s the stone of security and instinct.

Astrological signs : Gemini, Virgo, Leo

Purification : distilled water, under the sun


Having tooth pains indicates that you are unhappy with your situation. More particularly, to have gum pains shows that you have an inability to support some choices you have made. Aquamarine will calm the pain and help you to manage responsibilities (for the kids, use amber)

Aquamarine : it corresponds to the throat chakra or the one of the third eye. It’s not only calming toothaches, but it also brings creativity and gentleness. It fits perfectly with too ambitious people with strong personalities who needs to find balance back.

Astrological signs : Aquarius, Pisces, Libra, Gemini

Purification : distilled salty water, under the sun.


Ankle pains

The ankles aches indicate that you don’t let yourself being happy. Sapphire will help you to overtake your unconscious mental limitations. Stibine will deeply cure your injury.

Sapphire : it is linked with the chakra of the heart, to release emotionals blockages. It’s a soft and really pure stone. We call it the stone of wise men. It’s a precious help in case of insomnia, but also to protect you from unspoken anger and impatience.

Astrological signs : Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini

Purification : distilled salty water, one night under the moonlight and one day under the sunshine.

Stibine (or antimonite) : it’s a powerful stone to absorb pain and repair harmed muscle tissues. However, due to its strength, do not approach the stone more than one centimeter from the body part concerned.

Astrological signs : Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn

Purification : not water or salt, only moonlight and sun

Foot aches

Foot pain may be due to stagnation in your life, the feeling to go in circles, to trample. The ideal stone to use is the iron’s eye, which is efficient in physical pain but also brings more happiness.

Iron’s eye : mix of jasper, hematite, tiger’s eye, it has all their properties. It brings determination and impulse to move on. It’s really useful for people who fell energyless. To put directly in one sock for the night so it can stay in touch with the foot.

Astrological signs : Aries, Capricorn, Gemini, Taurus

Purification : distilled salty water under the sun

Unexplained aches

If you are suffering from unexplained aches in all your body or on specific parts, it means that your body tries to send you a message that you have to listen better. To help the cell regeneration of all your body, you can use the selenite.

Selenite : this stone will strengthen all organs and reinforce the muscular and bony tissues. Put it on the base chakra, its beneficial power will spread all over your body. It also helps to decrease epileptic risks.

Astrological signs : Cancer, Aquarius

Purification : no water, put it under the sun, the best is to put it next to an amethyst

You can also check the efficiency of stones by choosing seven corresponding to each of your chakras. Set it in order, align it under your mattress at the level of your chakras. Your night will be really restful and the energetic cleaning will show its benefits soon.

Trust crystals vibrations are offering yourself the experience of self-healing based on an ancestral knowledge.

Go through the discovery of ancestral and preserved Tibetan culture in Ladakh, or go on the course of Tibetan medicine through our initiatics journeys.

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