7 things to know about the Dalai Lama’s teachings in Nubra

  • Do I need a permit to visit Nubra Valley ?

If you are Indian national or tourist you will need an Inner Line Permit : it is available online from this official website : http://www.lahdclehpermit.in.

If you are a foreigner, you will need a restricted area permit (Protected Area Permit, PAP) to go to Nubra Valley.

Applying for the Protected Area Permit :
– For foreigners : You have to be at least two to apply.

Where ?
At the DC Office, Leh

How ?
With required fees through a registered travel agent. You will register with the group, even if you are a single traveler (however you don’t need to travel with them afterwards). Please take 8-10 photocopies of your permit as you will need it at each check point of your journey.

How long ?
7 days. You will have to re-apply if you want to extend your stay in the area.
Here you can download the Protected Area Permit Form: Inner-Line-Protected-Area-Permit-Form

– For citizens of Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Burma :
You have to apply at the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) for a  permit.

– For people who have a diplomatic official VISA :
You have to apply for a permit at the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in Delhi.



  • When will the Dalai Lama’s teachings be held ?

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  • How to reach Nubra Valley ?

Drive from Leh over Khardong pass or Warila pass :


  • What is the Yarchoes Summer Buddhist Council ?

In the heart of the Annual Summer Buddhist Council in Ladakh continues the old buddhist tradition of philosophical debate and discusssion of core buddhist tenants. This brings together the different buddhist traditions of Ladakh and the relevance of spirituality in hopes of building a peaceful and harmonious society.


This summer meeting will also be a platform for students from different schools to engage in discussions on spirituality, culture and moral values in a changing time.

  • Where are these teachings located?

Teachings will be held in Diskit Monastery. Perched high atop a hill overlooking the flood plains of the Shyok river is the historic Diskit Monastery. Built in the 14th century, this monastery is one the largest and oldest in the Nubra region and houses over 100 monks within its halls. With panoramic views from the rooftop, this monastery is considered a sub-gompa to Thiksey Monastery and draws in masses of pilgrims from the Gelugpa tradition.

Near its imposing statue of Maitreya (Buddha of the future), inaugurated in 2010 by the Dalai Lama, Diskit village, situated 3142 meters above sea level, is one of the larger villages located in the spectacular Nubra Valley. Liberally sprinkled with apricot plantations, Diskit village; with its snow-capped peaks, is considered a nature lover’s paradise.


  • Stay options and choosing a travel company 

There are many guest houses and camping grounds in Deskit, and more so at Hunder which is 7 km from Disket.

For those travelling in a group, it is advisable to book rooms in a hotel, guest house or camping ground. If you are an individual, we recommend you book a package tour which will also take care of your accommodation, ground and air transportation. You may also contact a local travel agent based in Leh directly. You will find a list here of travel agents which are recognised by Jammu and Kashmir Tourism in Ladakh.


  • Accommodation in Nubra Valley. LchangNang- The House of Trees

If you are looking for a once in life time experience; staying in the heart of nature in the beautiful Nubra valley, then this is the place for you. LchangNang is surrounded by the most spectacular Himalayan landscapes and set amidst an orchard of elm, apricot, and apple trees- further blessed by the continuous flow of the Siachen river rushing past its western boundary. LchangNang is considered one the best hotels in Ladakh.


Omalaya Tour Package:

Omalaya Travel is happy to offer its customized ‘Ladakh Dalai Lama teaching tours’ in Nubra to those devotees wishing to attend these precious rare teachings. Omalaya-designed spiritual journeys are rooted in individual’s quest for self-discovery and we incorporated the same outlook in designing the Kalachakra 2017 tour package. Omalaya Travel also operated a successful Kalachakra tour to Ladakh in 2014. Omalaya-led devotees can receive the Dalai Lama ‘s initiation, teachings & empowerment under the expert guidance of tour’s spiritual guides. Omalaya operate a  branch office in Ladakh during summer months.

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