How to awaken your chakras


Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word that means “Wheel of energy” or “Wheel of light”. The ancient Indian cultures believed that the human body carried within it a life force that governed their physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. This life force, or prana, moves inside the body, spinning and rotating in a harmonious pattern that begins in the base of the spine and moves up through the top of the head and beyond.

Chakras are the focal points positioned within the body that connects the inner light or true nature of a person to the outer world and thus a closed or imbalanced chakra portends to a part of the self that has been supressed or injured.

So, what are the chakras, what do they represent and how can we awaken them in order to live the truest expression of ourselves?


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Muladhara- Root Chakra

Earth element, Colour: Red

Deals with survival and is blocked by fear

This chakra refers to your sense of safety and typically translates to financial and emotional security. An imbalance can lead to anxiety and lower back pain.

To awaken this chakra, you need to bring your fears into the light. Step into the shadows and acknowledge all the aspects of yourself you haven’t been able to accept. Then with understanding and compassion, release them to the universe.


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 Svadhishana- Sacral Chakra

Water element, Colour: Orange

Deals with pleasure and is blocked by guilt

This chakra refers to a sense of identity- the sense of “self”. It is the creative source within and an imbalance of this chakra can lead to addictions or depression.

To awaken this chakra, you need to release all the blame and guilt you feel inside of you. Forgive yourself for all your perceived “mistakes” with the understanding that the lessons you have learned, have made you wiser and stronger. And that, in itself; is perfection.


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Svadhishana- Sacral Chakra

Fire element, Colour: Yellow

Deals with personal power and is blocked by shame

This chakra refers to your level of self-confidence and is the seat of your personal power. An imbalance can lead to a sense of helplessness and a need to control your environment.

To awaken this chakra, you need to release all the disappointments you feel inside yourself. Release your regrets and accept all your perceived “flaws” as a part of the tapestry that makes you whole.


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Anahata- Heart Chakra

Colour: Green

Deals with love and is blocked by grief

This chakra refers to self-love, which enables the capacity to love others. An imbalance can lead to a loss of personal boundaries and unhealthy choices in the name of love

To awaken this chakra, lay all your grief in front of you. Honour your emotions of sadness and loss with the understanding that it is through our capacity to be hurt that we have the capacity to love.


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Vishuddha- Throat Chakra

Colour: Blue

Deals with truth and is blocked by lies

This chakra refers to personal truths and your ability to express your truth. An imbalance can lead to a feeling of being invalidated and a sense of isolation

To awaken this chakra, release your denial and all the lies you tell yourself. Your subconscious can see through the excuses you make. You cannot lie about your true nature; neither to yourself nor the world around you.

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Ajna- Third Eye Chakra

Colour: Indigo

Deals with insight and is blocked by illusion

This chakra refers to ultimate wisdom and the perception of energies beyond the material world. An imbalance can lead to a feeling of disconnection and limited choices in life.

To awaken this chakra, you must break through the ultimate illusion; which is the illusion of separation. We are all one yet we act as if divided. To understand that we are all different expressions of the same energy is to understand ultimate freedom.

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Sahasware- Crown Chakra

Colour: Violet

Deals with cosmic energy and is blocked by attachment.

This chakra refers to pure consciousness and is the seat of universal energy. An imbalance lead to a stagnation in your spiritual journey and an inability to connect to your higher self.

To awaken this chakra, you need to let go of all earthly attachments with the understanding that releasing something does not mean that it truly disappears.


Written by Jeanette Tran



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