Healing with Tibetan singing bowls: when it’s a matter of vibrations

tibetan bowl

Have you ever made a Tibetan bowl sing? If so, your mind has probably been marked by the power of its resonance. The sound spreading across the room seems to come from another world, the vibrations flow in benign and soothing waves whose power will never leave you unimpressed. Here is to shed light on a little-known but one of the most efficient therapies.

The origin of the bowls

tibetan bowl

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No one knows exactly the time the first Tibetan singing bowl dates back to. The mystery that surrounds the origin of this great object accords it more charm. It is estimated that they emerged when the Bon religion, which predates Tibetan Buddhism, was predominant in Tibet. Today they are made of bronze or copper, but originally the bowls were manufactured from seven different metals symbolising the planets:

  • Silver (the Moon)
  • Copper (Venus)
  • Tin (Jupiter)
  • Iron (Mars)
  • Mercury (Mercury)
  • Gold (the Sun)
  • Lead (Saturn)

The seven alloys also represent the seven chakras and their resonance balances each other and also the seven days of the week.

How to make a Tibetan bowl sing?

We can make the bowl vibrate in different ways. There is a variety of different shapes and sizes that produce very distinct sounds just as there is a variety of  stick that helps to produce them. You can strike the bowl more or less gently to hear it ringing until the vibrations die down, or roll the stick around the bowl by holding it like a pen in the manner of a crystal glass that we would make sing with fingers.

Therapeutic properties

The sound and singing have been used in healing rituals all over the world from time immemorial. Tambourine, rain sticks, gongs, cymbals…the instruments vary depending on their user whether it is a shaman, a priest or a monk reciting mantras. The sound creates a connection to the present moment, and this is more pronounced with Tibetan singing bowls. When you listen to the sound carefully, it will allow you to experience deep meditation. A single session of treatment with singing bowls would have the effect of months of meditation! How is this possible? It is possible because everything is a matter of vibrations.

water vibrationOur body is composed of 65% of water on average. It is this water that will react first to the vibrations of the bowls that are placed all around and on the body. Imagine you throw a stone into the lake; the waves that gets created are going to spread all over its surface. Same works with the water in our cells. So it is a real massage that impacts every part of the body. From the beginning you may experience a state of most penetrating and regenerating sense of well-being.

The therapist will arrange the Tibetan bowls in a special way so that they bestow good vibrations on certain parts of the body. Our cells also have their memory and store all our shocks and emotions, both positive and negative. By transforming the vibrational frequency of the latter, the Tibetan bowl will restore the right frequency and allow the energy to flow, align the chakras and give back the power of self-healing to the organs.

tibetan bowls in snow


To truly appreciate the positive effects of a Tibetan singing bowl, it is not enough to simply listen to its song, you need to feel it deep down. The treatment with Tibetan bowls has no claim to be able to cure everything; it is just a tool, an aid in the process of self-healing. Therefore, in no case it should be a substitute for treatment.

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