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Omalaya – leader in experiential travel in the Himalaya

With years of experience in tourism, Omalaya’s founders decided to employ their knowledge to offer more than simple packages. Rather, they wanted to provide wholly authentic and unforgettable experiences.

Experiential tourism is a different way of travelling. It allows you to take an active role in your own journey, to immerse yourself in another culture – participating in daily life and genuinely interacting with local inhabitants.

Founded by Tashi and Stephanie, Omalaya is a Franco-Tibetan travel designer based in Ladakh and Dharamshala, northern India. We are passionate about the Himalayan region and offer journeys of cultural discovery and spiritual initiation. We are experts in experiential travel, offering journeys in the Indian Himalayan regions of Ladakh, Zanskar and Dharamshala, as well as Nepal and Bhutan.

Our trips revolve around:

Much more than merely an observer, we invite you to immerse yourself in the lands and cultures you visit and participate in local activities. This will allow you to interact with local inhabitants and genuinely engage with their lives and experiences.

All of our journeys are guided by remarkable people – spiritual masters, men and women with extraordinary backgrounds, and inspiring, important figures in local life – thus offering authentic experiences.

  • Learn about traditional Tibetan medicine with a Himalayan amchi (doctor of Tibetan medicine) and produce your own natural remedies with local plants and herbs
  • Follow in the Buddha’s footsteps on a pilgrimage guided by a spiritual master who will enrich your journey with initiations and teachings

In addition to the expert guides you will be surrounded by a friendly team of Tibetans who will share their values and lead you towards an authentic journey into the deepest respect for self and other.

The combination of immersive experience and expert guidance will make your journey unique and unforgettable, leaving you feeling that you have honoured the people and culture you visited.

So join us in encountering the life force and philosophy of Indo-Tibetan culture, and turn a simple holiday into the journey of a lifetime.

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