44 days in Ladakh with the Dalai Lama

H.H the Dalai Lama’s teaching schedule, Ladakh – 28th June – 10th August 2017

  • The main event : The Deskit Yarchos Chenmo’s 5th Annual Summer Buddhist Council, Nubra, Ladakh, India

In the heart of the Annual Summer Buddhist Council in Ladakh continues the age-old Buddhist tradition of philosophical debate and discussion of core Buddhist tenants. The aim of this rare summer gathering is to bring about spiritual understanding, the importance of integrity and to promote inter-religious harmony in Ladakh. It will be a platform for students from all different schools to engage in discussions on spirituality, culture and morality in volatile times.

But this isn’t the only event that His Holiness is scheduled to attend. His much-anticipated visit to Ladkah is sure to draw crowds from all over the world and is jam-packed with various teachings, ceremonies and monastic visits.
So, to ensure that you get the most out of His Holiness’s visit; we have detailed his schedule below.

Schedule of his Holiness in Ladakh

  • June 28, Wednesday

This heralds the start of this exhilarating time as His Holiness makes the journey from Delhi and arrives in Leh.


  • July 6, Thursday

Today is a very special day for everyone involved as it His Holiness’ birthday celebration! The entire region will be in a festive mood and it will be an action-packed day that begins with a Long-life ceremony for His Holiness. Throughout the morning, there will be speeches from invited dignitaries and traditional Tibetan dances performed by some of the locals. After all the formalities are concluded, the crowd will then relax and enjoy beautiful picnics with friends and family. This is a gorgeous event and is not to be missed.

Take a peek at our blog on His Holiness’ 80th birthday below:

  • July 10, Monday- July 13, Thursday

The teaching schedule for His Holiness in Nubra begins with the Closing Ceremony of Yarcho Chenmo on the 10th July.

The next three days will include His Holiness’ teachings on Kamalashila’s The Middle Stages of Mediation, Gyalsey Thokme Sangpo’s Thirty-Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva and open interactions from the students of various schools.
This event concludes with a Long-Life Empowerment followed by a Long-Life prayer for His Holiness.



  • July 14, Friday

Today His Holiness makes his way to the Muslim region of Turtuk. This journey to the unspoiled terrains of Balti will include a visit to a local mosque as well as official speeches held at the Higher Secondary School, Turtuk.

  • July 15, Saturday

His Holiness will spend the morning at Samtenling Monastery. Built in 1841, this monastery is lined with spectacular wall paintings and adorned with colourful prayer flags.

  • July 16, Sunday- July 18, Tuesday

His Holiness will make his way to Zanskar where the next three days will be spent on a series of daily teachings. As part of the Kargil district, this remote valley is one of the least explored destinations in the country and houses a large population of Tibetan Buddhists.


  • July 28, Friday- July 30, Sunday

After a brief and much earned break in Ladakh, His Holiness jumps back on the wagon with another set of teachings at the Shewatsel teaching grounds in Choglamsar. Shewatsel Phodrang is His Holiness’ official residence in Ladakh and his arrival always draws in a warm welcome and much fanfare.


  • August 10, Thursday

This is where the adventure ends as His Holiness spends his last hours in Ladakh before flying back to Delhi.

This 44 day visit to Ladakh has been much anticipated and provides a rare opportunity to receive invaluable teachings from His Holiness. Set amidst the beautiful landscapes of Ladakh and the equally beautiful Tibetan community, these events are not to be missed.
We hope to see you there.

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