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December 2015

Kalachakra 2017 initiation: 10 tips for pilgrims traveling to Bodh Gaya. by Tashi

Tips for Kalachakra 2017

09 December 2015

Where will the Kalachakra 2017 takes place?  The 34th Kalachakra 2017 initiation  will be held in Bodh Gaya, the holy Indian town where Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment.  This is the fifth Kalachakra initiation to be held in Bodh Gaya. His Holiness the Dalai Lama would preside over the proceedings. The dates will be from  3rd to 14th January 2017 Thousands of devotees from all around the world are expected to congregate at this town during those 12 days. Nearly 300,000 visitors attend the previous Kalachakra initiation held in Ladakh in 2014. The experience would most certainly be overwhelming for a first-timer, especially for an outsider who is unfamiliar with the hustle and bustle of India. Here are a list of things to know to get yourself well-equipped to attend the ceremony: How do I get a visa? In its efforts to boost tourism, the Government of India introduced the e-tourist visa scheme for foreign nationals who visit the country for a short duration. Interested individuals can apply for a visa online and have to carry a printout of the e-Tourist visa at the time of travel. For detailed information about Indian e-Tourist visa, please click here. Do I have to register for Kalachakra 2017? Yes. Pilgrims are required to register for Kalachakra 2017. Foreign nationals, Tibetans and Indians are required to submit photocopies of their passports or identity cards to obtain a pass for the Kalachakra teaching. Interested individuals are requested to visit the official Kalachakra page when it come online regularly for more information about the procedure. You may also register through your travel agent or Dharma center. Do I have to pay for registration for Kalachakra 2017? There is no registration fee for Kalachakra teaching and the teachings are open to everyone. How is the weather like? The weather in January in Bodh Gaya is pleasant with average temperatures ranging from 18 – 22 degree Celsius. The nights might get a bit cold with temperatures dipping below 10 degrees once in a while. The monsoon season lasts from June to September and one doesn’t have to worry about rains during January. In fact, January is one of the best month to visit Bodh Gaya. What are my stay options? Thanks to the regular influx of tourists from all corners of the world every year, Bodh Gaya has very good accommodation facilities. Ranging from two star to five star, a variety of hotels that suit the budgets and requirements […]

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