Dalai Lama to attend his 82nd birthday celebration in ladakh

Where the party’s at
So, the 6th July 2017 is kind of a big deal here; it’s the 82nd Trungkar (that’s birthday to us lay people) of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and in true Tibetan style, there’s going to be a party. A really big one.
Here is everything you need to know so you don’t miss out on the big event

Where is it?
This party is going to be held in Ladakh. Ladakh has often been referred to as the rooftop of the world and is believed to be a photographer’s dream location. These foothills of the Himalaya will provide a stunning backdrop for this joyous occasion and is going to draw momentous crowds.
The celebration itself will be held in Jivey Tsal (the peace garden) at His Holiness’ Choglamsar residence.
Who’s going?
Pretty much everybody who lives in Leh, travelling pilgrims and devotees from all over the world, as well as dignitaries countrywide.
The preparations will begin on 5th July where over 100 tents will be erected and numerous market stalls set up to hold a wide variety of produce and wares for all who attend

What’s happening?
The day is going to begin at approx. 8am with a Tenchung (traditional long-life puja) for his holiness performed by the Tibetan community of Ladakh in Jivey Tsal’s main temple, along with an incense-burning offering. This will be followed by speech-giving from several invited dignitaries. Local performing arts troupes will also perform traditional Tibetan dances and songs.
After all the formalities are complete, the party really begins as everyone then spreads out over the grounds on their blankets and participates in a giant community picnic. Home-made delicacies will be shared with strangers and traditional treats can be bought at many of the stalls at the site.
The merry-making will continue throughout the afternoon with locals all joining in on spontaneous Gorshae (Tibetan folk dancing) and songs performed by Hindi bands.

What to bring?
Something to sit on; a picnic blanket or one of those nifty camping chairs, an umbrella to ward of the afternoon sun and lots of sunscreen
So, what do you get the man who wants for nothing?
His Holiness has always claimed that he wants no gifts on his birthday and instead uses this occasion to remind us all of the message he has dedicated his life to achieving; compassion for all sentient beings.
So, whether you are a devout Buddhist or experiential traveler, this event is one steeped in Tibetan traditions and often generates an atmosphere rich in cheer and goodwill. This unique and authentic glimpse into the mindset of the beautiful Tibetan people will leave you uplifted and inspired. We look forward to seeing you there.

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