Letter to my Ego

When words became too heavy to be spoken, writing them down can be a solution to free yourself from their energies. It can be a good way to clear the mind, to calm down the flooding gibberish thoughts looping in your head. This is a natural and instinctive human need. As we all seeking happiness and mental calmness we should all try to write. Whatever way you will do it, keep in mind the main point is to let ink flood to release the pain, write words to cure sores.


Dear Ego,

Today I am two
Tomorrow, I hope to be only one.

One year ago, I finally identified you as I traveled into the heart of sacred Indian traditions. Acknowledging your existence was the starting point. Shutting you down is my final target

Let’s start at the beginning and define you: you are a mistaken conception of “myself”, you are the untrue belief that “I” can be self existing by itself out of any connection with the whole.

Some say that you stay an essential part of our survival instinct, a keeper of dignity and respect. The more I know you, the more this vision seems untrue for me as dignity, respect, and instinct are vast notions only defined by you. Essentially you are, this part is very true but I don’t think that’s the reason why…

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Today I am two

Tomorrow, I hope to be only one.

“Be one” is to reunite in the same energy of life who I am and who I perceive as “myself”.

“Become me” is a much longer quest than expected, a more difficult fight where the final issue has to be you bending in front of my real identity. And if, along this path of life, destination is only a pretext in which to keep going; reaching it stands as an essential part of my inner blossoming puzzle.

I won’t give up, Ego, one day I’ll get you!

Dear, dearest Ego, I don’t wish your total disappearance I just want to be able to define your true shape, your real field of existence. I just want to recognize your real influence upon my decisions, my opinions and my actions, feel it is the key not to let you manipulate me like a doll enslaved by preformatted mental limits. I’m working on successfully using you as a tool dedicated to my personal blossoming and happiness and not let you drive my life as an emotional dictator!


Ego, my query is finally quite simple: let me truly see you, tame you to escape the spell you’re casting on me. Let’s be friend, Let’s walk together shoulder to shoulder in peace and harmony.

  • Let me absorb and spread good vibes. Don’t add thebitter taste of judgment on them.
  • Let me become the filter of knowingthat I really am nothing more, nothing less. Stop interpreting, let me just reflect what the universes wants to transmit through my human condition.


  • Let me live with a fearless consciousness of my impermanence. Cease to impose material and financial comfort as a essential condition of my long lasting happiness;
  • Let me feel, freely and intensively. Don’t give too much importance to emotional up and downs, Retain from using them to sink my thoughts in their noisy chaos.
  • Let me be entranced by other’s impact on myself just for the pleasure of exchanging inspiration nothing more, nothing less. Drop any attachment to the notion of affective security that you shamefully use to create thefear of loneliness.
  • Let me be, as simple as that… just let me be.


PS : I won’t tell you good bye or see you soon neither see you never… I’m just gonna acknowledge your presence and tomorrow I hope I could tell you “Namasté :The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you”

Written by Charlotte Cha, Designs by Anais Bene

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