3 signs your intuition is trying to tell you something

Today we are seeing an emergence of a great wave of spiritual seekers and awakened souls who have taken their first tumble into the rabbit hole. The discovery of new information gives rise to a new way of thinking; which gives rise to a new way of thinking; which gives rise to a new way of thinking…And what we often end up with is a confused state of being where nothing makes sense and everything is second guessed.

As we navigate the bombardment of spiritual advice from the multitude of gurus and teachers via various platforms over the internet; seemingly simple decisions can become a mammoth task. What road should I take? Did I do the right thing?


What we often hear in response to many of these concerns is the long-standing adage of “follow your intuition”. Which sounds great in theory, but for those of us who are just beginning our journey into the abyss and haven’t gotten into a pattern of accepting our intuition as the 6th sense- this undertaking sounds nigh impossible.

But there are some simple ways that we can begin this life-long love affair with our higher self, a two-way communication which can be developed and deepened with practice. What starts out as the whisper of a breeze can eventuate into an unquestionable knowing.

So here are 3 signs that your intuition is trying to tell you something. What you do with that ‘something’ is entirely up to you

  1. Indecision

A seemingly redundant concept when it’s often what got you here in the first place. But indecision is often the first warning sign that what your intuition is trying to tell you is at war with your ego. Now the next step is deciding which option originates from your ego and which from your intuition.


The theme we all seem to be playing out in the collective consciousness right now is the recognition and releasing of fear. So, a question we can ask ourselves is; if I didn’t have  to worry about money, self-judgement or someone else’s opinion, what would I do?

  1. Justifying your decision

If you find yourself feeling the need to justify your actions to others and especially to yourself, this can often be a sign that you went against your intuition. Subconsciously you may know you went against your best interests and now you are trying to self-soothe by creating stories to appease this discomfort

  1. Feeling physically exhausted

Holding on to subconscious emotions of regret or sadness takes physical energy. Maintaining the ‘stories’ we’ve made up in our minds requires space that often leaves us feeling drained or exhausted. This is often a warning sign that there is an issue you need to look into. Sometimes this discomfort can manifest as physical pain; aches in your shoulders etc. Looking at what chakras these pains relate to can be a great indication of what message your intuition is trying to tell you.


Learning to listen to your intuition takes time and practice and in the early stages we often confuse our ego with our intuition, but this is what being human is about. ‘Awakening’ is not an end goal, it’s a never-ending process that requires a handful of patience and bucketful of compassion. So, take a deep breath…and then take some more deep breathes, then forgive yourself for the ‘supposedly’ wrong decisions you think you’ve made in the past and look forward to all the right decisions you’re going to make in the future!


Written by Jeanette Tran

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