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December 2017

How to awaken your chakras by Jeanette

26 December 2017

Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word that means “Wheel of energy” or “Wheel of light”. The ancient Indian cultures believed that the human body carried within it a life force that governed their physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. This life force, or prana, moves inside the body, spinning and rotating in a harmonious pattern that begins in the base of the spine and moves up through the top of the head and beyond. Chakras are the focal points positioned within the body that connects the inner light or true nature of a person to the outer world and thus a closed or imbalanced chakra portends to a part of the self that has been supressed or injured. So, what are the chakras, what do they represent and how can we awaken them in order to live the truest expression of ourselves?   Muladhara- Root Chakra Earth element, Colour: Red Deals with survival and is blocked by fear This chakra refers to your sense of safety and typically translates to financial and emotional security. An imbalance can lead to anxiety and lower back pain. To awaken this chakra, you need to bring your fears into the light. Step into the shadows and acknowledge all the aspects of yourself you haven’t been able to accept. Then with understanding and compassion, release them to the universe.    Svadhishana- Sacral Chakra Water element, Colour: Orange Deals with pleasure and is blocked by guilt This chakra refers to a sense of identity- the sense of “self”. It is the creative source within and an imbalance of this chakra can lead to addictions or depression. To awaken this chakra, you need to release all the blame and guilt you feel inside of you. Forgive yourself for all your perceived “mistakes” with the understanding that the lessons you have learned, have made you wiser and stronger. And that, in itself; is perfection.   Svadhishana- Sacral Chakra Fire element, Colour: Yellow Deals with personal power and is blocked by shame This chakra refers to your level of self-confidence and is the seat of your personal power. An imbalance can lead to a sense of helplessness and a need to control your environment. To awaken this chakra, you need to release all the disappointments you feel inside yourself. Release your regrets and accept all your perceived “flaws” as a part of the tapestry that makes you whole.   Anahata- Heart Chakra Colour: […]

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My Dharamshala experience: Moving through the unknown by Tashi

24 December 2017

Hello dearest reader,  Thank you for joining me for part 3 of my India story. It took some time for me to ponder on how I was going to continue to write about my experiences, as perspectives are ever shifting. Each time I gain more awareness of my ego and my Self, I can see more of what was playing out in my subconscious throughout my life upon looking back. I am constantly learning so much about myself, as my shadow casts itself into my life from time to time. The way I view my past experiences now is very different than the way I have actually experienced them.   Darkness is merely the absence of light and light is information. I believe fear is fairly always caused by a lack of information so to move through darkness fearlessly requires faith and trust in the unknown.   In my eyes, the dark night of the Soul begins in the moment that you realize and accept that you are not that which you have been identifying yourself with and you realize that there is something like the Soul and so your identification starts to detach itself from your concept of “me”, the Maya, and slowly starts to wander off into the unknown. From this moment on, you are being confronted with the lies that you had accepted as truth and you start to question everything about yourself and about your life. Thoughts are looked at carefully and suspiciously and feelings arise intensely. A strong intuition is a great asset in navigating through this darkest of nights. ‘Follow your Bliss’ or walking the path of your highest Excitement, the path of least resistance, a philosophy shared by Joseph Campbell and Bashar through Darryl Anka, has been the way I have been guiding myself, looking back, to take the most feasible way.   To follow your Bliss: In any given moment accept your entire reality, allow your feeling and observe your thoughts and the possibilities they are presenting. Choose the one that causes the highest amount of Excitement or the least amount of resistance and act on it to your fullest without holding any expectations until you can take it no more further. Then repeat the process.   This path had led me straight to Dharamshala, a great place to be initiated into a more Soulful life. Time flows differently in India, for […]

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Walking in the shadows by Jeanette

21 December 2017

“Soul work is not a high road. It is a deep fall into an unforgiving darkness that won’t let you go until you find the song that sings you home”  McCall Erickson   In what seems like an ever-increasing time of confusion and political turmoil we, as a society have come to a crossroads. Do we face with frankness the world we have created? Or do we continue to bury our heads in the sand and hope for a better world. For those that choose the red pill, the journey must begin with ourselves. It is the realisation that we and we alone have created this reality we now must live in. It is the choices that we’ve made that have lead us down this path, and it is the manifestation of our thoughts that this world is shaped upon. So we ask ourselves; how did we let it get this bad? What exists in the dark recesses of our minds that have allowed the creation of wars and famine? Thus, begins the journey into our minds and drawing into light all the shadows we’ve denied for so long. As those of you who have already been on this path will attest to- it is not a pleasant experience. The moment you start to truly see yourself in all its ugliness, is the moment you realise that your life has been built on a lie. We all strive to be perceived as a ‘good person’ and often refuse to admit that we played a hand in someone else’s pain. What excuses did we make up to justify our actions?     “A thousand times we die in one life. We crumble, break and tear apart until the layers of illusion are burned away and all that is left, is the truth of who and what we really are” Teal Scott             As we travel through the labyrinth of our minds, through all the twists and turns, to face the monsters in the dark, we arrive at the dark night of the soul. It is here where we learn the greatest lesson of all; forgiveness. To accept that the world, like ourselves, is full of flaws- is to begin the path to self-love. When we let go of self-judgement do we begin to free our energy for the greater things in life.       “When […]

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What does peace mean to you? by Jeanette

19 December 2017

On the 16th December, 1989- His Holiness the Dalai Lama was awarded the Nobel peace prize. It was a momentous occasion and one which brought hope to so many people including the Tibetan community in exile. It’s been 28 years since His Holiness stood up on the podium in Stockholm to receive this award and to express his hopes to the world for a better future. Let’s take this opportunity to remind ourselves of the message that not just he, but also many of the great leaders of the world wished to convey to us all in these times of turmoil and uncertainty.  

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Letter to my Ego by Stéphanie

19 December 2017

When words became too heavy to be spoken, writing them down can be a solution to free yourself from their energies. It can be a good way to clear the mind, to calm down the flooding gibberish thoughts looping in your head. This is a natural and instinctive human need. As we all seeking happiness and mental calmness we should all try to write. Whatever way you will do it, keep in mind the main point is to let ink flood to release the pain, write words to cure sores. Dear Ego, Today I am two Tomorrow, I hope to be only one. One year ago, I finally identified you as I traveled into the heart of sacred Indian traditions. Acknowledging your existence was the starting point. Shutting you down is my final target Let’s start at the beginning and define you: you are a mistaken conception of “myself”, you are the untrue belief that “I” can be self existing by itself out of any connection with the whole. Some say that you stay an essential part of our survival instinct, a keeper of dignity and respect. The more I know you, the more this vision seems untrue for me as dignity, respect, and instinct are vast notions only defined by you. Essentially you are, this part is very true but I don’t think that’s the reason why… Today I am two Tomorrow, I hope to be only one. “Be one” is to reunite in the same energy of life who I am and who I perceive as “myself”. “Become me” is a much longer quest than expected, a more difficult fight where the final issue has to be you bending in front of my real identity. And if, along this path of life, destination is only a pretext in which to keep going; reaching it stands as an essential part of my inner blossoming puzzle. I won’t give up, Ego, one day I’ll get you! Dear, dearest Ego, I don’t wish your total disappearance I just want to be able to define your true shape, your real field of existence. I just want to recognize your real influence upon my decisions, my opinions and my actions, feel it is the key not to let you manipulate me like a doll enslaved by preformatted mental limits. I’m working on successfully using you as a tool dedicated to my personal blossoming […]

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