Why you should go on a spiritual journey at least once in your life!

Spiritual journey

People go on all kinds of travel: adventure travel, weekend travel, business-cum-pleasure travel, long-term slow travel and so on. However, there is one kind of travelling that we all should consider trying at least once in our lives – the spiritual kind.

Well, first of all, what is a spiritual journey? In simple terms, a spiritual journey is one that creates a positive change in your mind. On a deeper level, it is one that helps you in the process of finding your purpose in life. The obvious question that comes to mind is how can travelling help us  in these regard. Well, the answer is it might or it might not. Only those who can experience a profound joy in travelling are capable of finding a higher purpose in travelling.

Having said that, why should one go on a spiritual journey? Well, firstly, travelling is more than just packing your bags and visiting new places. It is a feeling, an emotion, a source of joy and sometimes even a life-changing experience. To quote the famous words of H.C.Anderson, “To travel is to live”. 

One might ask what kind of a journey can be classified as a spiritual journey. Well, the answer depends on the individual. One might find deeper meaning in visiting places of religious worship while one might be at peace with nature. There is no right answer to this question. However, any kind of journey that leaves a deep and strong thought about your life in your heart is inherently spiritual in nature.

A spiritual journey is a journey that touches you inside. There have been countless instances where people have made life-altering decisions that can be attributed to a journey they had taken. When you travel, every day is a new landscape, a new horizon and endless possibilities. Naturally, it has a deep influence upon us. So, it is time to tie your shoe laces, pack your bags and start exploring.

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