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Kalachakra How to get a train ticket to Gaya ? by Stéphanie

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17 October 2016

Website and app to check train ticket to Bodhgaya for kalachakra 2017 During Kalachakra, it can be a very hard challenge to find a way to reach Gaya. The popularity of the event increase so much every year, it’s now too late and impossible to find a flight to Gaya. Your only solution to reach the town is by bus or train. Because most of people are going to seek for the same solution to reach Gaya, soon all trains and bus may be full. Here a selection of tips to avoid missing the Kalachakra because of transport difficulties : Book a train ticket to Gaya : Secure your Kalachakra experience There is two ways to book a train ticket in India : online or directly at the bus station. During Kalachakra, the amount of people coming to Gaya is unbelievable. We highly advise you to book your ticket online to secure your journey. But, even if you do so, the only option may be to subscribe on a waiting list to board into the train. First you have to know cancellations are quite common in India and that’s why most of the Train Company keep selling tickets even if the train is full. Train to Kalachakra : which ticket you should book You can get three categories of ticket to reach Gaya : Confirmed tickets – RAC waitlist – Waitlist. If you feel a bit lost in all this system, you can check a great website in India (which also have a mobile App free to download here) : confirmtkt.com Note.You only  check the availability of seat but cannot  book a ticket on website. This great platform allow you to book your train ticket online but also to plan which is your best option to board on the train. The website is calculating automatically your chances to get a confirmed ticket for each train even if you book a Waitlist one. It’s only up to you to do the good choice then and maximise your chances to reach Gaya on time for Kalachakra 2017. Kalachakra and Gaya by Train : How to make the best of your journey ? Here some very obvious advises but still no hurt to repeat them : Take a book, music, drawing, … any activities to keep your mind busy. You can also choose to star at the window and discover the diversity of landscapes in […]

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