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Indo-Tibetan Psychology Inner Journey into oneself by Stéphanie

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04 June 2015

Over the past three decades, Tibetan philosophy and psychology have become important focuses of spiritual interest to the world and offer practical tools for negotiating your relationships with yourself and others. Indo-Tibetan Psychology The 2,500-year-old tradition of internal Indo-Tibetan psychology is human civilisation’s longest uninterrupted internal science. Its fundamental philosophy is the interconnectedness of body and mind at the subtlest level – known as Sem Kyi Rig Gnas – knowledge of which leads to physical and mental health and well-being. Tibetan psychology is a science, an art and a philosophy. It is scientific in that its principles are enumerated in a systematic, logical framework based on the investigation and an understanding of the dynamic working relationship between body and mind in relationship to universe. It is an art in that consultation is based on the insight and the compassion of the therapist, which opens up the creativity and inner resources of the client. It is a philosophy in that it embraces the causal nature of all phenomena and the ethics of altruism. Tibetan Art of Relationships Indo-Tibetan psychology offers a gateway, via inner experience, to the nature of the relationship between oneself and others, and our experience of reality. This workshop breaks new ground in practical meditation exercises, philosophy and psychology, and provides practical tools to help integrate experiential knowledge with inner development and well-being. Benefits of Tibetan Psychology In the modern world, our need for greater speed of thought pushes us away from our internal selves and creates disharmony of body and mind. The understanding and application of psychology in our daily lives reduces the resulting stress, depression, isolation and anxiety. The Tibetan psychologist’s openness and compassion facilitate a genuine proximity with the client. The enhancement of self-awareness in the moment requires us to be aware of our feelings, which determine our experience of reality. The key to this is to be in touch with our bodies moment by moment, and thus gain entry to our inner home, where we find a natural sense of self. The river only flows because it changes with the moment. Many people who have experienced Indo-Tibetan psychology report that they : Have genuine, increased control over their lives. Have taken active reponsibility for their own well-being. Have richer, more harmonious relationships with themselves and others. Are more self-aware and able to remedy negative experiences more quickly. Inhabit your body! Inhabit your senses! Feel […]

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