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Happiness, how to find the meaning of life : a DIY Kit ! by Stéphanie


04 November 2016

Let’s explore how to be happier ! Find Happiness : 10 questions / Answers with Geshe Lhakdor A bit of context before start to talk about happiness. This conversation took place in Tibet World Institute in Dharamsala, India. It was a teaching about the meaning of life gifted by a well known Buddhist Geshe Lakdor (director of Tibetan Library and Archives Centre and former translator of Dalai Lama). I arrived, of course how could I’ve done otherwise, full of stereotypes and misunderstandings about Buddhism, happiness and spirituality. Coming from European cultural background, directly arrived from my busy everyday-routine in our agitated societies, I am now sitting in this room facing this brilliant Geshe Lhakdor, trying to absorb a bit of his wisdom, drinking his words and trying to lift the veil. Which veil? The veil of the ignorance of happiness which covers our mind formatted with business relationships. So, here the questions I came with, here the answers I got It’s now up to you to choose to follow this path but at least you will, now, know the destination! What is happiness ? Quest for happiness is the meaning of life. We are talking here about long lasting happiness, not ephemeral’s one. Geshe Lakdor describes it : “Happiness is a deep feeling of satisfaction Happiness can be reached by exploration Exploration is accepting new challenges. New challenges bring new ideas, new energies inside you.” So happiness could be an energy ? A positive, warm and kind energy going through every part of your body and mind ? Let’s explore further ! Where is happiness coming from ? Knowing that we all want happiness, the universal question could be “Where are we going to get this long lasting happiness from ?” According to Geshe, “Not from what we learnt from our parents, not from religion beliefs either. You need to want to be happy. It’s all start by a commitment to yourself : Whatever happens in life I will not make my mind unhappy. I will not feed the anger but starve it like an enemy.” So happiness could come from our own experiences of life : see what makes you happy, try to analyse the reasons and decisions which lead to this state of happiness. Identify them to be able to repeat them more often in your life. Then, the answer seems clear and simple : happiness is only dependent […]

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