Dear Tashi and Stephanie:

I’m back home in Ulaanbaatar. I arrived on Saturday midnight and on Sunday evening had a big party with friends over at our place to celebrate five years in Mongolia and also my return home.

The day after you left for Delhi, I left a small Thank You note with two blue Mongolian Khatak and a bottle of homemade Mulberry jam that I had it specially made in Dha-Hanu for two of you. I hope you received it? If you haven’t then let me write to you the Thank You part of the letter.

Please allow me to say thank you so much for your friendship, generosity and your guidance during my trip to Ladakh. It could not have been the same without your help and expertise. I had such a wonderful time throughout the six weeks of adventures, photography and finally the Dharma teachings from HHDL. What a pity that we didn’t get to spend some time together. When we meet next, perhaps it will be more relaxed.

I am so happy for two of you that you are very successful in your travel business. May you and your family continue to have auspiciousness, good health and happiness in three times!

Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you guys. And I look forward to the day when you guys come to visit my home in Mongolia so that I can reciprocate your hospitality.

Also, in passing you mentioned about organizing a photography trip in Ladakh, and I am pretty open with the idea as long as it fits my schedule.

Thukjiche! You both have great minds!

Love to both of you!!



PS: Please extend my heartfelt gratitude to Tsewang and Karma who guided me to Jangthang. I would love to do the trip one more time and try to go to Hanle and other areas in Jangthang.

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