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Amritsar, the Golden Temple : an experience by Stéphanie


16 November 2016

There are some discoveries which lift the veil of indifference covering the world. There are some moments which open your heart and let this organ of love freely express itself. There are some experiences which allow you to let go, fully and truly, so vulnerable but so strong from the trust gifted to the unknown. The Golden Temple of Amritsar is one of them ! This visit opened my eyes and allowed me to take a brand new look on humanity. In Amritsar, the notion of time doesn’t exist. Women, men, children are constantly walking around the place, like a perpetual ritual of bowing down on the white marble, of meditations facing the sacred lake, of prayers, of sun rise followed by sun set, undisturbed neither by the day passing or the eternal renewal of pilgrims. The Golden Temple is always alive. The temple hosts every human being without limit of time or condition. People meet here and there, they are sleeping under the arcade of the courtyard, and eating in an extraordinary canteen which can serve up to 60 000 meals each day with an amazing organisation. Here and there we can see them pray under their turbans, exchange knowledge and smiles, be in communion together with sacred food and drinkable water offered in every corner of this place with allures of fairy tale. Golden Temple, the beauty of the place is an invitation to inside contemplation No matter whether you are a Sikh or not, no matter whether you have faith or not, no matter whether you came here for the architecture or spirituality I dare every visitor to resist the will to take 2 minutes to sit on the floor and truly appreciate the beauty of the present moment. Beauty of people surrounding you, beauty of uninterrupted prayers since the last 500 years spread with speakers all around, beauty of this golden temple, beauty of the white and sculpted marble, beauty of the love felt here. The love here deeply invades your heart, just for the time being, a precious instant shared with this community. Amritsar reveals such a powerful human reality That it’s hard to not feel connected. In this highly respected Sikh temple, it’s possible to live for free. Everything is based on donations, this notion of spontaneous solidarity which is often forgotten in our societies running after profits. We can sleep here for free, on simple […]

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