Tashi’s Tips for pilgrims attending Kalachakra 2017

Tashi's tips for Kalachakra 2017

Omalaya Travel is happy to offer its customized Kalachakra tours to India to the devotees wishing to attend the precious Kalachakra 2017 Empowerment teaching. Omalaya-designed spiritual journeys are rooted in individual’s quest for self discovery and we incorporate the same outlook in designing the Kalachakra 2017 tour package. Omalaya Travel operated a successful Kalachakra tour to Ladakh in 2014. Omalaya-led devotees can receive Kalachakra initiation, teaching & empowerment under the expert guidance of tour’s spiritual guides like Geshe Tsering with Dr Chok and Geshe Lobsang with Tulku Phuljung.


Thousand of pilgrims will be attending the Kalachakra teaching which is a Buddhist equivalent of Kumbh Mela. Yet many devotees  are ill-prepared for the journey of the lifetime to India. Tashi is  first winner of investment award given by Central Tibetan Administration and  Department of Finance.The award money was made possible with the support of Dalai Lama Foundation, Montreal, Canada. He was recently interviewed by Radio Free Asia for being the only Tibetan inbound tour operator specialised in creating and operating spiritual tours and retreats in India shares  some great insider information on making the pilgrimage to Bodhgaya, the venue for Kalachakra 2017. Tashi organized a successful Kalachakra package tour to Ladakh in 2014 and will be operating a special package tour in January 2017 for the 34th Kalachakra. Omalaya has been recommended by Petit Fute, French travel guide, one of
the most innovative travel company of the year 2016.

Here are some exclusive tips on attending the H.H the Dalai lama’s Kalachakra teaching.

Tip 1 Mind the Fog in Delhi and Northern India

As Kalachakra teaching will take place during the winter month of January in India, Delhi would be engulfed in dense fog. Many of trains inbound to Delhi and out runs late and even gets cancelled. So there will be numerous rescheduling of trains. The fog scene affects the operation of flights too but not as much as trains. So, it is a good move to fly few days ahead to Delhi or even better, make arrangement to arrive few days ahead in Bodhgaya or Delhi.

Tips 2 Warm outfits and rain gear

India in general is very warm but not so during the winter months in Northern India.It could be very cold when fog engulfs as temperature drops to minimum. So bring more warm clothes than you think you’ll need. A rain coat and a boot will be helpful as Bodhgaya can get very muddy as it did during Kalachakra 2012. Throw in a sleeping bag too if you are planning to stay in tents the Kalachakra organiser puts up.

Tip 3 Super Insider tip: What is in the name of the Hotels ?

You need to double-check the names of hotel or guest house you are booking or being offered as a part of your tour package.There is no enforcement of regulation in naming the hotels in this part of India.There is more than one hotel named Residency hotel and many other named Bodhgaya.You need to verify that your individual booking is confirmed. Rooms made available just around the Kalachakra dates could charge exorbitant price.So book tour package early through reputed travel company who had experience of operating Kalachakra or Khumbu Mela tour.The tents put up by Kalachakra organising committee is a value for money and recommended for budget traveller and pilgrim.

Tips 4 The Surcharge on Hotel and transportation

Just like any other religious events in India like Kumbh Mela and Pushkar Festival, there is a surcharge on tariff on hotel and transportation during Kalachakra.Simply put, such surcharge is a common trade practice when demand exceeds the supply. Many hotels employ the practice of renting rooms based on 15 days package when Kalachakra event last less than 15 days. Kalachakra tour package like the one offered by Omalaya will help to cap on price. If you are an individual, it is advisable to book a package tour which will also take care of accommodation, ground and air transportation that includes the domestic air tickets. For those of you in a group, it is a good idea to to do group booking of a  hotel or guest house.

Tips 5 A long but short cut to reach Bodhgaya

Delhi to Gaya air ticket will be sold out by the time Kalachakra dates are confirmed. This particular route gets sold out anyways during winter month as many annual Buddhist prayer festivals are held there or the price would have sky rocketed due to the demand.You may fly to Varanasi or Patna from Delhi or from other parts of India. Varanasi is connected to Bodhgaya via National highway that takes 4-5 hours of driving. It is a good idea to take a detour before or after the Kalachakra teaching to visit the holy sites of Ganges, Varanasi and Sarnath.

Patna, the capital of Bihar is well connected by air with rest of India. From Patna, It takes 3-4 hours on slow road driving along railway tracks and villages to reach Bodhgaya. Gaya, the nearest railway station to Bodhgaya is well connected by train with rest of India. It is a good option as Bodhgaya is only 17 km from the station.

You may check out the details of  Omalaya Travel Kalachakra tour  here.



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