Kalachakra Teachings

Omalaya Travel is happy to offer its customized Kalachakra tours to India to the devotees wishing to attend the precious Kalachakra 2017 Empowerment teaching. Omalaya-designed spiritual journeys are rooted in individual’s quest for self discovery and we incorporate the same outlook in designing the Kalachakra 2017 tour package. Omalaya Travel operated a successful Kalachakra tour to Ladakh in 2014. Omalaya-led devotees can receive Kalachakra initiation, teaching & empowerment under the expert guidance of tour’s spiritual guides like Geshe Tsering with Dr Chok and Geshe Lobsang with Tulku Phuljung.


 Kalachakra is a Sanskrit word that can be translated literally as “wheel of time.”  Kala, or “time,” is not linear time but the flow of all events, past, present, and future.  This is similar to our concept of space, which does not imply a particular direction or limitation.  The Kalachakra deity represents omniscience, for he is one with all time and therefore knows all.  Chakra, meaning “wheel,” refers not only to the cycle of time but also to the way in which the enlightened experience of great bliss radiates like the sun from the self to all sentient beings.  The wheel, with no beginning and no end, is also the universal symbol of Buddhism, representing the teachings of the Buddha.

An important feature of the Kalachakra Tantra is that it is given for a community.  The Buddha offered it for an entire country, in the mythical kingdom of Shambala, so historically the initiation has been given to large groups.  The Dalai Lama has remarked that in earlier times communities were separated by valleys, rivers, mountains or oceans, whereas today, with instant communication and transportation, our community includes the entire planet.  This is another reason why he feels Kalachakra is a teaching for our time.

Teaching on Shambhala

The real Kalachakra teaching of Shambhala has been secretly present on the Earth and throughout the Galaxy for over a million years.  It is a teaching about cycles of cosmic and neurobiological personal evolution that is itself evolving, ever reaching out into the universe for fresh insights and know-how.

Though the philosophy of the Kalachakra is at the highest level of Buddhism anyone can use it at any time. This philosophy urges us to reach a splendid, pure inner world while still living in our imperfect, earthly one, using Kalachakra as a model. For example, a pure body comes from healthy eating and not smoking, drinking alcohol, or taking drugs. Pure speech means not gossiping or saying unkind things about others. A pure mind is trained away from angry, hateful and selfish thoughts. Once each of us purifies our body, speech and mind, we can find inner peace. When we have inner peace, at last it is possible to experience the state of bliss, or perfect happiness.




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