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Omalaya Travel is happy to offer its customized Kalachakra tours to India to the devotees wishing to attend the precious Kalachakra 2017 Empowerment teaching. Omalaya-designed spiritual journeys are rooted in individual’s quest for self discovery and we incorporate the same outlook in designing the Kalachakra 2017 tour package. Omalaya Travel operated a successful Kalachakra tour to Ladakh in 2014. Omalaya-led devotees can receive Kalachakra initiation, teaching & empowerment under the expert guidance of tour’s spiritual guides like Geshe Tsering with Dr Chok and Geshe Lobsang with Tulku Phuljung.


The Kalachakra initiation, given by His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, is incredibly powerful.  If you are ready, not only to receive the initiation, but also to bring the practice into your daily life, the initiation will certainly change your practice. But how can you tell if you are ready?  How do you know if now is the right time to receive the initiation?

For most, the question can be answered by determining how prepared we are.

Certainly the first step is to learn some basic information about the Kalachakra teachings and history as well as its connection to world peace.  Another indication is to assess your current daily practice – including the prostrations that you do, the number of Vajrasattva mantras, as well as the way you interact with others and respond to your surroundings.  After this, there are three other steps or areas to focus on in order to develop our readiness for Kalachakra.

As you progress in your practice along the Buddhist path, you may make the decision to “take refuge,”   which is simply a decision to look toward the Buddha, his teachings, and the spiritual community for guidance on moving through life in a positive direction.  By taking refuge you commit to several things: looking at yourself and your life honestly, assessing your reoccurring problems in order to learn and grow from them, and working to gain qualities that will help you to be of  benefit to all sentient beings.

From this foundation you learn to see the law of cause and effect on your life.  You work to understand that your negative thinking and behaviors lead to suffering and problems, and that your positive thinking and behaviors lead you to happiness. You learn to use the Buddha, the dharma, and the sangha to move toward happiness and away from suffering.

One of the best indication of your preparedness for the Kalachakra initiation is our study of the lam-rim – which teaches a pathway of communicating, thinking, feeling, and behaving to reach enlightenment.

 In preparing for tantra practices, including Kalachakra, it is necessary to develop three pathway attitudes or outlooks:

    • Bodhichitta is an inner motivation to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings.  You work towards developing compassion, love, and a a sense of responsibility towards helping others.

    • Renunciation is not necessarily about giving up material goods, as the ordained sangha do. It is about examining your attachments and developing a willingness to let go of your recurring problems and their causes.  You seek to be free of the suffering that our attachments and negativity continue to bring to your life.

    • Void Nature is a concept often difficult for Westerners to understand.  It is the awareness that you are not separate from anything else.  There is no “I” and no “other.”  We tend to be preoccupied with our own thoughts, believing that we exist inside our bodies somewhere and further, that no one will like us.  We we act on this false belief that we are separate we create consequences (karma) that reinforce this misbelief. Void Nature is an awareness that their is no separation.

When you begin tantric practices, it is necessary to have a basic confidence in tantric methods to help you achieve enlightenment.  Beginning from this foundation, taking refuge, becoming firmly rooted in the lam-rim, and developing the three principle attitudes are the best means to judge your preparedness.  When you feel you are sufficiently prepared, this is known as being a “proper vessel” to receive the Kalachakra initiation.

If you are ready to embark on this spiritual journey click here to join us for the Kalachakra initiation.


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